Teaching through Winter wonders

A New Year has dawned and a new time of resolutions is launched, but does that not bring added pressure, to put yet another target on ourselves to achieve all those new aims.

Do we have to?

The answer is ofcourse, No.  Why demand something of yourself, when if it was something you really wanted to do, you would surely be striving to do it already?    That said, I see the positive in it being a time to reflect and to think about what we can improve upon in our lives. It just doesn’t have to be a target, it doesn’t have to be a fight to achieve. Relax and observe instead of setting personal targets.  Sometimes it is the unexpected things that happens, and the unexpected hurdle you face, that can open up new opportunities in a direction that exceeds any new year resolution.  Be flexible to change.

The world ouside our doorstep changes slowly with the seasons, the landscape you see in the Winter is vastly different to that of Summer.  It presents us with a different view, but of the same image.  Time itself moves us forward, but time herself is a woman noone can adjust, just like the weather it cannot (yet) be governed. And if you echo my sentiments you will be pleased it is one less thing moved by technology, one less pressure to perform to.

I wallow in the winter splendor, the ice and frost in the mornings, where each blade of grass sparkles in its individual splendour.  The movement of the water beneath the frozen surface of puddles (as in my picture above) reminds us the initial picture we see does not always portray the whole picture of what lies beneath or of what is in store.

Winter, in its own way gives us time to think. To plan and rekindle, before we see the seeds of new life and energy breaking through the hard suface of soil, before the buds reappear on the trees and the fresh new vibrant shades of green emerge in Spring.  Winter has its own beauty, the mist on the river and the still ombre skies, the berries and stark nakedness of the trees.

I hope you can take time to enjoy it too and just be in the moment, with feelings of gratefulness.

And maybe we can remember the teachings of nature.  There is no pressure in nature, to perform, or hit new year resolutions, everything has a place and a time to unfold…..and it nearly always does, just as it was mean’t to do.  And maybe in its very simplistic form we too can all learn from that.

Happy 2017 to you all

Glenda x



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